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About Us

Assessment4Impact is about using your data, your view and experience and interpret it in a manner that can provide your organisation with the appropriate insight and recommendations to improve your business and HR processes. Critical to our success is years of the combination of practical HR experience supported by sound theory.

Most probably you know a lot about business, about leadership and good Human Capital Practises. You want to ensure that your business and clients perform optimally. Their success is your success. We provide you with a dedicated and branded portal to gain insight in the minds, perception and values of a business. By analysing this and with our support you can provide your client with immense more knowledge and recommendations based on their needs.

Dr Mario Denton

Assessment Specialist and Originator

MBA, MEcon, PhD, DBA Also registered Industrial Psychologist
Specialties: Formulating and Implementing People Management (Human Capital) strategies

Pieter du Plessis

Human Capital Management, Finance and Administration

National Diploma in Human Capital Management, NH-Dip Business Administration and Management
Specialist Human Capital Manager

Karin Keys

Training and Accreditation Specialist

Human Resource Business Specialist - Over 2 decades of experience
Skills Development and Training Enthusiast focussing on the youth

Hendrik Malan

Data, Infrastructure and Technology

BCom, BCom Hons, MCom Business Information Systems (Informatics) - Socio Economic Decision Theories
Data and Systems Specialist